We are proud to host your ceremony. General conditions for the ceremony, payment rules and contract

cancelation at Wisteria Hotel are as follows:

General conditions for the ceremony

1-counting the number of people present at the ceremony is responsibility of hotel’s representative and it is acceptable to both parties (the ceremony owner can introduce one representative to supervise the work done by salon’s agent).

2-increase in the number of guests is not acceptable more than 10% which the difference must be paid right after the ceremony.

3-guests and ceremony owner are not allowed to bring beverages neither alcoholic nor non-alcoholic.

4-the ceremony owner is obligated to pay for any damage or harm done to the place by him/her guests.

5-about weddings, the marriage ceremony is held from 17:00 PM to 19:00 and the wedding party is from 19:00 to 23:00, guests need to take place in the hall on time and evacuate the hall on mentioned time.

6-one night stay in Wisteria Hotel’s honeymoon room is a gift from hotel’s management to bride & groom on their wedding night, check out time is 12:00.

7-number of the guests mentioned in the contract can’t be reduced by any mean, and presence of any number of guests less than mentioned in contract is considered as the guest numbers have fully attended.

8-regarding seminars, owner of the ceremony after receiving the introduction letter signed by CEO of hotel’s sales department must take full responsibility for obtaining relevant permission from administration of police station to hold the ceremony. According to the strict instructions of the police, he/she must submit the relevant permission to the hotel for maximum of 48-hours prior the ceremony, otherwise without the legal permission, in order to follow legal instructions hotel can cancel the seminar with no refund.

 9-in case of an emergency if the hotel couldn’t hold the reserved ceremony in the specifically reserved hall is allowed to replace another hall with same equipment and facility.

10-the owner of the ceremony is required to present the photographer and cameramen’s photography license to the hotel.

11-in case ceremony owner wants to serve fruit & sweets, they must be prepared and delivered to hotel at least five hours before the ceremony.

12-the ceremony owner is obligated to collect all the maintained goods and materials at the hall at most five hours after ceremony otherwise the hotel has to prepare an invoice for keeping the maintained items.

13-in case of an unconventional use of hotel’s systems such as high pressured electricity in the ceremony, it already must be notified in the written prescription of the contract, otherwise hotel is allowed to prepare an invoice due to used voltage & hours, based on the recognition of engineer.

14-in order follow health standards except from fruit & sweets brought by the guest, other items such as desserts, salads, drinks, will not be returned unless a quarter of guests do not attend the ceremony, with the authorization of general manager and recognition of F & B manager items that are less likely to get rotten during transportation are returned to ceremony owner.

15-due to provisions of legal office of public places, if the ceremony owner needs to distribute brochure, booklet or print a banner and similar items the permission must be obtained from mentioned office.

Payment terms

1-50% of the whole price must be paid at the time of signing contract, and rest of payment settlement must be done 48-hours before the ceremony, otherwise hotel has no responsibility to hold the ceremony and ceremony owner must accept the consequences.

2-all conditions of increased tax fee during the contract must be acceptable for ceremony owner which will already be announced by hotel.

3-owner of the ceremony will accept price increase in menu and side services and the difference must be paid.

4-all possible contract deductions such as taxes, insurance and other public rights are responsibility of the ceremony owner, and Wisteria International Hotel will not have any legal obligations to regard conditions in order to terminate contract.

termination conditions

if the ceremony is canceled by the ceremony owner under any circumstances, the amount of compensation for the damage, pursuant to article 230 of the civil code shall be deducted from the amount of deposit, it should be noted that cancellation must be informed by written letter to the hotel’s management.

  1. Written cancelation maximum one month before the set date of ceremony contains 10% fine of total amount.
  2. Announcing cancelation by written prescript from 30 to 5 days before the ceremony date contains 15% fine of total amount.
  3.  Announcing cancelation by written prescript from 5 to 2 days before the ceremony date contains 35% fine of total amount.
  4. Announcing cancelation by written prescript from 48-hours before the ceremony date contains 50% fine of total amount.
  5. Announcing cancelation by written prescript on the exact date of the ceremony date contains 100% fine of total amount therefore there is no refund.

Hall reservation and conditions

1-after making sure of the vacancy of the rental halls and recognizing the layout & types of halls, you can do the reservation.

2-the amount of 50% of the whole price must be paid while registering reservation, the other 50% must be paid 48-hour before the ceremony.

3-after first booking, the presence of the ceremony owner is an obligation for initial coordination, menu selection and other formalities.

4-all terms & conditions of online reservation, public rules, payment order and cancelation are mentioned above according to rules.

Dispute settlement

The parties of the contract are obligated to resolve the dispute in the event of possible disagreements regarding to the subject of the contract through negotiation or by the arbitrator who are neutral and impartial, in this circumstances if the issue was not sorted by mutual agreement the matter would be resolved through competent courts and competent judicial authorities of the country in accordance to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.